Send the Fire Ministries is the vision and passion of Sandy Sandifer, who takes the love of Jesus into the dark and forgotten hearts of the Gypsies scattered throughout Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Turkey and beyond.

Sandy Sandifer

After spending 35 years in New Orleans raising 3 children as a single parent, Sandy thought she had missed the chance to realize the passions the Lord had planted within her for ministry outside the four walls of the church.

Lo and behold to everyone’s great surprise, the Lord's plans were not only outside the four walls of the church, but His plans for Sandy were destined for the other side of the globe.

Sandy was a member of Victory Fellowship under the pastoral leadership of Pastors Frank and Parris Bailey. for more then 15 years. Now she co-labors with Georgian and Winnie Banov and Global Celebration.

In 2002 her work with Global Celebration took her to the dirt roads, and dark alleys, of the Bulgarian Gypsy neighborhoods for the first time. Ministering to the sweet Gypsies who received Christ with unabandoned passion, she discovered a treasure in a field and sold all that she had to buy it. Between 2002 and 2005 Sandy returned 5 times to continue harvesting in that field.

In 2005 the Lord gave Sandy a new directive: her heart was aflame with the overmastering desire to leave everything behind and embrace a new life spent full time loving on the Gypsies and for the poor.

So in Aug of 2005, just 2 weeks before Katrina hit New Orleans she moved, leaving children, grandchildren, mother, brothers, sisters all behind, all of them living in and around the New Orleans area and went out on her own and began a new life in Bulgaria amongst the poorest of the poor, to begin a new ministry: a new life in a new land and is still there today ministering to the poor and the lost, where ever the Lord leads.