If you would like to donate financially for a specific item, note on your check or money order which item you are donating the money for.

Due to the fact that Europe uses a completely different electrical system than we do in America, none of the appliances Sandy currently owns will be any good in Bulgaria, so she has to purchase all new electrical house hold items.

Please contact me via EMAIL if you have any questions or ideas concerning our current needs.

Coats & Shoes for the Gypsies The temperature gets below zero and the adults and children are currently wearing multiple layers of socks for shoes because they dont have any.
Roof Replacement Because the Gypsies roofs are in desperate need of repair and replacement, snow and rain are causing wide spread mold and respiratory problems in their homes.
Car $4,500.00 - A Car so that Sandy can travel from village to village.
Printer $100
Typical MONTHLY Needs
Bulgarian Lessons $150 a month (3 - 2 hour lessons a week)
Rent $200 a month
Utilities $300 a month (gas/power/internet/water)
Travel Costs for outreaches $500 a month